domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Mini bag, big trend!

This situation is very complicated to me, specially because I´ve always preferred big bags; they are more confortable and I can carry everything I need to survive during a long day. But for this spring-summer 2013-14 mini bags are THE trend.
Louis Vuitton made a mini version of their iconic bags that made everybody want one. And then every brand did the same thing. Is it a result of the economical crisis? probably not, as they are not very cheap.
Here in Argentina, the luxury brand, Jackie Smith also did a mini line, you can check it at
The fact is that it´s not that I don´t like them, I do. But I just need time to get use to them. So probably I just need to go shopping, get one, remove the extra things I don´t need from my big bag and change my opinion about them.
Look at the pictures and choose your favourite, enjoy!

Louis Vuitton

Ralph Lauren

 Reed Krakoff

Jackie Smith

Stella McCartney